Harold Sylvester


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Harold Sylvester

Harold Sylvester is an all-rounder in the R&B-scene. He is one of the best Reggae-bass-men, a true master in different styles of music.
Harold Sylvester played with the Sylvesters Inc. Band, New York, with his brother, the drummer Edmond Sylvester and his sister, the singer and keyboard player Mary Sylvester. They made many concerts all over America and Canada and won the famous Caribbean Band of the Year Award.
The band performed many live-concerts in famous clubs like 'CBGB' and 'One’s' in Manhattan. They recorded several albums in the USA, one of which is: 'The time is now to get together', a soulful ballad.
Harold Sylvester and the Sylvester’s Inc. Band played with many famous artists like The Wailers, Alpha Blondie, Yellow Man, Hopeton Lewis, Max Romeo, Marcia Griffith, and many others.

Eggy Eon, Mary Sylvester, Edmond Sylvester,
Winston Shillingford, Harold Sylvester, Conrad Seraphine

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